From Tiffany's to Bvlgary's

I was reading my old magazines yesterday, then I found such an impressing article about 'beauty icons from years to years'. It was a local magz, of course it's written in Indonesian. But I translated it into English. Well, English isn't my main language, then I'm sorry if I made gramatically error >.<
From Tiffany's to Bvlgary's

From Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's period in 1960 to Nicole Richie's Breakfast at Bvlgary's in our year, beautiful girls always take the attentions. As the years passed by, form of beauty always change and there are a lot of beauty icons that affect every girl's style at that time. Who are they, the beauty forerunner?

Peace, love, happiness and big eyes is soooo sixties. In this year, a film titled Cleopatra (starring by Elizabeth Taylor) was so booming. No wonder, bold eyeliner and cat-eyed style was such a sensation for all the girls at that time. With the thin nude lips, and bob haircut, it's completely 60's.

Beauty icon:
1. Audrey Hepburn

Yes, she's the Breakfast at Tiffany's' star, Audrey Hepburn. Her cute style had changed all girl's style with her unique and memorable style in the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.
Little black dress with sabrina collar and her broken off hair eternally made her beauty.

2. Twiggy

A girl with a very characteristic style, big eyes and her too-skinny-body suddenly became a trend. Got a real name Lesley Hornbi, this girl became a famous supermodel in 60's, then called with "The Face of 66" by 'Daily Express' and spread Swinging London's style to the whole world. There was a big negative effect from this beauty icon, actually. A lot of females was obssessed to be as skinny as Twiggy and it made two syndromes called anorexia and bulimia emerged up.

The lyberal-thinking females were showing up their power on this year. Their reason for dressing up wasn't only for pleasing the males. Their beauty concept was 'showing up their natural beauty'. They started to stop shaved their underarm hair. Disco, bell bottom trousers, and Afro hairstyle was the trend in this year.

Beauty icons:

1. Farah Fawcett

This one of beautiful Angel from a movie 'Charlie's angel' was well-known with her wavy blonde hair and her atletic body. Just so you know, her hairstyle still be a trend.


Materialism and consumerism was the keywords in this period. People dressed as glamour as possible to raise their image. Prestige was the greatest and the noblest thing in this year.
Beauty icon:
1. Cindy Crawford

A very beauty supermodel with a mole above her lips was known as one of the affecting celebrity in 80's. Her American Beauty's face had opportunities to adorn beauty-product advertisments such as Revlon, Pepsi and Omega. Recently, she took outside a quite controversial statement. She said, all of her beauty skin she has owned was because of vitamin injection, botox and colagen. But then, her statement was contradicted by her own publisict.

2. Claudia Schiffer

Barbie. The first word that come from your mouth after you see this supermodel. Born in Germany with a proportional and nearly perfect body, white healthy skin and soft blondie hair made her equalable with another supermodel. She was engaged with an illusionist David Copperfield and just for your info, she has broken the record as the model that adorned more than 900 magz-covers.


Consumerism cultural more higher in this epoch. And also desire to bring up the natural beauty with fair and flawless skin. Females competed to deduct or even get rid of their shortcoming, like wrinkles or something similiar. So, make up's part wasn't as cover up, but more as conspicious to the healthy skin. So, don't be amazed if concealer became a main cosmetic. Shaggy with easy highlights hairsyle was a booming in this year.

Beauty icon:

1. Britney Spears

Pop Princess, teen music sensation, or whatever you call it. She's the diva in 90's. Look at her appearance with a sexy body, blondie hair, american beauty... so easy to her to be an idol. Nevertheless, this girl that used to be Justin Timbelake's GF is also reaping gossip very often. But for replying those gossips, Britney is still be Britney, confident, head those up with her sweet smile.

2. Ayumi Hamasaki

She's the reason why Japanese Style is giving a very huge excitement in the whole world. The girl who called with "J-Pop Queen" has a unique and different style from hairstyle, clothes, make up until nails! Besides her ability of attiring and dressing up, she also skilled in singing. People say that Ayumi has a standard and usual voice with no speciality. But her prosperity in gathering the music is unusual and effing great. Just like her idol, Madonna.

The more age our earth got, the more violent polutions and another threats haunt the beauty. Anti-aging creams repeatedly looked for, so that the skin would always be fresh and younger. Botox injection and many kind of plastic surgery become a common, usual thingy.
For make up and dress style, Punk and Emo Rules showed up their exsistance. Gothic's smokey eyes combinated with another bright color such as, yellow, green or blue. Magic hairstyle was still managed by layer/wavy shaggy.

Beauty icon:

1. Paris hilton

What will you imagine when you hear a name Paris Hilton? Absolutely, a blondie girl, skinny, charismatic face, and the up to date's style. Though, many people humiliate her because of her free, bitchy and glamourous life, there's still some people who like this playgirl. Look, Paris' bandana, big belt, ovesized glasses and her extension hair are much imitated by the girls from around the world. Are you into?

2. Natalie Portman

Beautiful? Of course. Intelligent? Yes. Nice? Absolutely. This Israel descendant has got the natural beauty with dark hair and minimalist make up and ladylike style make this vegetarian get adored by all of normal girls from whole world. She's a very good role model and truly icon in 2K's.

Well, that's it. Absolutely this was taken and reposted from a magazine (Olga! Issue 21/I/7 - 20 Dec 2006). So, I DIDN'T make this article and DO NOT own in any way. I just translated it into English (with my poor vocabulary ;___; ). So pure credit is on Olga! girlsmagazine, and translated credit is under my name, Kiseki Aoi.

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SJM Pepsi Bottle

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09.05.25 Filming Star King

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Sorry Sorry MV Recording pictures

Do you guys know 'Dirly'? one of runner up from Indonesian idol? Don't you think that Sungminnie looked like him on this pic? Don't scold me if you don't think so >.<

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No. 1 Mnet Chart, It's You

It's You is on No. 1 Mnet Chart!!!

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KangIn - Banc Sponsored Clothing Shooting

*take a deep breathe*
this is the first time I see KangIn looked cool. indeed.

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09.05.20 & 21 Sukira

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Sponsor Clothes - Codes Combine

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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.05.25

Ohmona~ Teukie is suffering rom stress becoz of his hair!!! XD

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Original Source: Park Jungsoo’s Minihompy

Transcript 09.05.15-09.05.21 KTR Segments

Source: Kimsohye (Korean to Chinese)
Translations: --dreamx @ (Chinese to English)
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09.05.17 Chungjoo Wisdom-Enjoyment Concert

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09.05.23 Green Music Concert

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09.05.19 Beijing Pepsi Event [3]



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Do ya know what 'Mpreg' means?
Well, I undoubtly take it as 'Men Pregnancy'. And Teukie was that author's victim to be the one on that fanfic who got pregnant. Ohmona~ can you imagine Teukie got pregnant?? He pot bellied, cause his belly would grow as big as the baby grew up in it. Can you imagine that?? Phew.
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