Summary of SuShow 2

July 18, 2009 6.15pm at Olympic Park Stadium, Seoul. Super Junior blasted with ‘The 2nd ASIA TOUR SUPER SHOW II’ again with hotness eventhough it rained constantly but that wouldn’t stop their fans to going in the concert!

Fans filled up the space which held up to over 6500 people. All 3 hours that could make you stop breathing with their shows. 12 boys ran around the stage and everywhere in the field, showing the great power of this boy group!

The greatest thing about this concert is the close connection between super junior and their audience. With the concept of making the entire field a ’stage’ they were able to get in-touch close to their fans. All members ran around different spots among their fans and whenever they popped up at a spot in a middle of the audience they would receive a big roar of scream.

Today’s concert was filled with all hits from super junior. With more than 7 sets of clothes they performed songs like ‘A Man in Love’, ‘U’, ‘It’s You’, ‘Miracle’, ‘Disco Drive’, ‘Dancing Out’, ‘Sorry, Sorry’, ‘Shining Star’ all together 38 songs. With these songs they showed each member’s ability including shows from Super Junior K.R.Y, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-M.

HEECHUL transformed himself into a rocker in a song called ‘SOUL’ with Jungmo from the trax playing guitar for him. DONGHAE performed ‘Beautiful’ which he composed himself. He also performed a “couple dance” with EUNHYUK which stunned everyone. For KANGIN, he came with the song ‘Dance with DOC’ full of fun, SUNGMIN came with a piano song ‘Baby Baby’ by 4Men in the concept of cosmo men, YESUNG with the song ‘Chenyeom’ by bigmama showed his great ability in singing.

RYEOWOOK who previously was stuck with Ballad-song boy. He came this time with ‘Insomnia’ by Craig David and see-through clothes, showing the sexy dance with dancers making his fans scream their lungs off. KYUHYUN who blew the stage with ‘7 years of love’ the song by Yoo Young Suk, LEETEUK with the song ‘Honey’, HANKYUNG-EUNHYUK-SHINDONG came with a dance performance making every single fan laugh their head off, and SIWON came with ‘Who I Am’ with Ryeowook playing piano for him.

The most eye-catching performance today would be when 9 members like Heechul Leeteuk Kangin Sungmin Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon Ryeowook Kyuhyun, who would have been very tired with the earlier performance, transformed themselves into beautiful girls with the song ‘Gee’ by Sonyeoshidae, especially with their colorful skinny pants and the wigs –> increasing their charmssss which caused a big scream and cheer code from fans in the hall.

SNSD who also came blasted their laugh in this show and also DBSK’s xiah junsu also came to support their dongsaengs.

HEECHUL also composed a song with the TRAX Jungmo, showed their first performance of ‘SOUL’. Donghae showed his song ‘Beautiful’, and Kangin with his fun song ‘Carnival’.

Not only that, Super Junior also performed re-arranged music of ‘Don’t Don’ their 2nd album hit in ROCK version and ‘Sorry, Sorry’ in the new version which showed a different side of their members.

The show today passed by with big cheer from their fanclub, causing all members to feel grateful that they can’t hold their tears, especially Leeteuk who seemed to cry the most.

Today Super Junior brought happiness to their fans with songs like ‘Our Love’, ‘At Least I Still have You’, ‘Superman’, ‘Rokkugo’, ‘Pajama Party’, before ending with ‘Marry U’ most beautifully.

Super Junior said at the end of the concert ‘DBSK’s Junsu is here with us today too. We’re very excited, and SNSD are also here. We’d like to thank you. For us, they are like real sisters!’ They said thanks.

Super Junior is holding 3 rounds of concert holding 6500 ppl each with 20,000 audience until July 19th. They will also go on a tour to other cities like Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, all together 8 cities with 15 rounds of performance.

- There were 160 guards. Super Junior changed 7 sets of outfit. There was a big LED screen of 24 metres (WHOAH!@) and two big monitor of 300 inches to increase the fun in concert.
- Donghae wrote the song ‘Beautiful’ himself. Heechul showed ‘Soul’ co-written with Jungmo. Kangin with ‘Carnival’
- Shindong, Hankyung, Eunhyuk showed their underwear that made their fans shocked. All 3 of them changed their clothes on stage so their fans saw their underwear. [i think it's more like boxers?]
- Xiah Junsu also came to watch [another source said JaeJoong also came]
- Before the concert there were 4 languages of introduction video: Chinese, Japanese, English, and Korean
- There were fans from Spain who came as well
- They sand ‘Shining Star’ and while singing Leeteuk cried so much it made everyone emotional.
- In ‘Gee’ performance their names were TEUKtanggoo, Mayoori (siwon), Heesica, Mingsunny, Seowook (RW), KyuYoung, KANGfany, YunHAE, and HyoHYUK. These names were on their tshirts.
- they also mentioned KIBUM in the show who hurt his leg and couldn’t perform. Leeteuk said ‘We called Kibum both yesterday and today. Even though he wanted to join this concert so much he couldn’t and he’d like to say sorry for everyone too’

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Source: PINGBOOK entertainment
Translated by: natngnear

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