Happy Birthday Angel...

Nae Saranghaneun Leader, Nae Sarangi Park Jungsoo 박정수 - An Angel Without Wings..

You're now 27 and it means that you're getting older.
But for me, you're the angel with eternal youth that God's sent to me and another ELFs.
I'm thinking and then feeling so delighted knowing how much your sunny sweety smile always lights up in any gathering.

Angel Teukie Teuk, you've been turning very sensitive recently. Don't push yourself too hard, and please take enough rest just to keep you to stay healthy.

You are love and you spread the love all over the world.

I can't say more but Happy Birthday Our Eternal Leader, Teukie.
I feel so blessed to know you and Super Junior.

Fly high, Angel.. Saranghae
Much love,

Mamachi Aoi

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